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     It is hoped that BSF will replace some fish and animal protein sources that require practices unsustainable to our beautiful planet. So,  if you use this amazing insect,  for any purpose,  feel proud you are part of the solution.

     My farm specializes in delivering small quantities of  LIVE ONLY  to niche markets.  I consentrate on customer service and quality.

     My pricing formula considers volume,  washing,  current base price,  the "live" factor,  size,  color,   competitors prices,  availability,  cost of shipping,  website fees,  grain prices,  overhead, and labor.

The "Count"

     BSFL are usually sold by a given number  (the count).  Nobody actually counts the grubs.  A few grubs are weighed and an average weight is calculated.  That average is then multiplied times the given count.
     We sell by weight. Count is used as a general reference of the quantity.
    This chart shows my current standard weights and corresponding sizes.

Size Dimention (inches) Weight (Grams)
Tiny .02 .01
small .25 .05
Medium .5 .10
Large .75 .15
Jumbo .875 .2
Crawl-outs .75 .1.4

All prices include shipping