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The "Eeuw Factor"
     So, you are convinced that BSFL is a good choice but then there is the Eeuw! factor.
    I have to admit,  when I first started, it was hard to look into a mass of 20,000 hungry maggots.  Although, I now find them kind of cute,  I still have not worked up enough curage to eat one.   Anyway,   for those of you that will NEVER get that far,  We offer "Feeder Packs".  No touching,  no cleaning,  no dusting,  no gut loading.  Just open,  dump and toss the container away.   Done.  
    We will package them in convenient numbers to suit your needs.  Just specify size,  count and number of packs.   Each pack is in 2" x 2" clear plastic zipper bag.  Pricing is a bit higher as expected but no handling!      All feeders will be high quality and washed.  Each feeder pack is labeled with information on count,  size and date of packing.  Because they are shipped LIVE,  we recommend buying only two to three weeks worth.
Feeder Pack